TZ-525-SSA Trapzilla99 Grease Interceptor


The TZ-525-SSA is the first grease interceptor engineered for 99% grease removal. Making it the best protection against grease blockages.

The TZ-525-SSA Trapzilla99 Grease Interceptor is ASME rated for 50 GPM (3.15 l/s) and holds more than 525 pounds (71 Gallons) of grease in a 95 Gallon footprint. 

Perfect for replacing failing steel or concrete, the TZ-525-SSA is manufactured out of durable polyethylene, meaning that it will outlast traditional interceptors made of inferior materials.

Available for purchase on 7/22/19. 

(Qualifies for free shipping in the US, AK and HI excluded. Following purchase, contact Thermaco at 1-800-633-4204 to verify shipping details and schedule delivery.)

ASME A112.14.3 (Tested) Flow Rate: 50 GPM (3.15 l/s)

Grease Retention Capacity: 525 Pounds (238 Kg)

Material: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene

Product Weight: 84 Pounds (38 Kg)

Thermaco Trapzilla99 Model TZ-525-SSA is a rotationally molded polyethylene grease interceptor for below ground installation. This model comes with a support stand, allowing the unit to sit on the ground. The TZ-525-SSA has a 99% grease separation rating at 50 GPM (3.15 l/s) with 525 lbs (238.1 Kg, 71.9 gal, 272.2 l) of total grease storage capacity.

Key Features: 

  • Comes with a support stand, allowing the unit to sit on the ground
  • Removable cover for ease of maintenance
  • Built-in anti-flotation anchor ring for in-ground installation
  • Integral horizontal baffle to minimize turblence as new flows enter the unit
  • Laminar inlet flow diverter to slow the flow of water down
  • Integral vessel vent to regulate pressure inside unit
  • Separate storage compartments for grease and heavier than water solids
  • Sloping conical bottom for solids retention
  • Single tank construction with an interior radial compression ring conjoining invert to tank outlet/inlet structures without bulkhead fittings and/or gaskets, invert top and bottom secured attachment points
  • Integral sewer gas trap