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Our Products

Thermaco develops and manufactures innovative, industry-leading products for separating fats, oil, grease and solids from wastewater.

Big Dipper Logo   Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System

Thermaco’s innovative Big Dipper grease recovery unit is a compact, efficient solution used to trap grease from specific fixtures, or serve entire commercial kitchens. The Big Dipper operates automatically, can be installed on the floor (even underneath a three-compartment sink), and can serve virtually any location. It is the perfect antidote for big, space hogging concrete traps.

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Trapzilla Logo   Supercapacity Grease Interceptor

The Trapzilla is a compact, high capacity grease interceptor that can be installed in several different configurations — indoors and outdoors, and even between floors. Its innovative design prevents efficiency losses as it fills with grease. The largest model can hold 1,826 pounds of grease, as much as a conventional 1000-gallon concrete or steel interceptor.

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Thermaco Logo   Solids Strainers

Thermaco makes solid strainers and separators that can provide any commercial kitchen — big or small — the capability of keeping small food particles (rice, coleslaw, etc.) out of its kitchen wastewater. Food particles can accumulate in grease interceptors, reduce their efficiency and cause problems.

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Replacement Parts Logo
   Parts & Accessories

Thermaco manufactures a full range of parts and accessories for the Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease traps, a well as its solids strainers and separators. These include replacement parts as well as kits that provide a high degree of installation flexibility.


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Information for those who own or use our products.  Find installation and maintenance procedures and information on operation and troubleshooting.

For Your City

Perfect for Pretreatment Officials, Plumbing Inspectors and Municipal Sewer Personnel.  Here you will find information on how our products solve pretreatment issues in food service establishments to keep your sewer collection system working as it should.

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Here, Engineers, Architects, and Restaurant Designers can find Drawings and Specifications, Installation Instructions, and help on determining which product is ideal for your project.