Supplemental Water System


The SWS-51K-200/250 allows the Big Dipper unit to be installed directly to a rotisserie oven, combi-steam oven, or similar cooking devices. The supplemental water system adds a flow of water to the Big Dipper unit. This allows the static water level inside the unit to remain at a normal level. 

To be used with a W-200-IS or a W-250-IS (purchased separately). 


The effluent that drains from the rotisserie ovens, combi-steam ovens, and similar cooking devices consist of heavy fat concentration. Typically, there is no water supply to keep the static water level of the grease trap at a normal level. A Big Dipper unit with a SWS-51K-200/250 option is the perfect solution for this application. 

Water requirements (supplied by facility): 5 gallons per hour, 40-70 PSI

Electrical requirements*: 120V, 50/60 Hz, 20 W, 0.5 amps

*A 230V, 50/60 HZ, SWS-51K-200/250 is also available