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Don't settle for outdated grease interceptors

The design of traditional concrete grease interceptors dates to the 1800s. Though they are still widely used, better choices now exist. Trapzilla takes up less space, can accommodate a wide variety of plumbing and building design configurations, and is more efficient than traditional interceptors. Concrete interceptors begin corroding after just a few years, while Trapzilla is durable and designed to function for longer periods.

Choose Trapzilla
  • Trapzilla Grease Interceptors

    Models available with various flow rates and retention capacities for indoor and outdoor, above or in-ground installations.


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    TZ-600 Models
  • Trapzilla Solid Separators

    Perfect for food service establishments with high solids output and used in conjuction with a Trapzilla Grease Interceptor, can increase grease separation efficiency.

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    Trapzilla Solids Separator Models
  • Flexible Installation Options

    Trapzilla grease interceptors come in different sizes and have numerous accessories. Units can be installed indoors or outdoors, and even between floors in commercial buildings using optional accessories.

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    TZ-600 with Hanging Assembly
  • See Trapzilla Save the City

    See the award-winning video showing how Trapzilla's unique, patented design and high retention capacity per volume allows it to save cities from dangerous and costly blockages and sanitary sewer overflows.  


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