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Efficient and Compliant
Grease Removal

Thermaco products are designed to help restaurants stay in compliance with local water and sewer rules that prohibit grease, fats, and oils and other kitchen waste from being flushed into the wastewater system. From our innovative Big Dipper automatic grease interceptor to the high capacity Trapzilla grease interceptor, we work to help commercial kitchens safely and efficiently meet grease removal regulations, so staff and managers can focus on delighting restaurant guests.

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  • The Big Dipper line of automatic grease removal devices reduces fats, oils, and grease from commercial kitchen wastewater, at the source. They protect plumbing and intercept grease that might otherwise reach the sewer lines, preventing messy back-ups and costly fines and repairs.


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  • Our Trapzilla super-capacity grease traps are highly efficient, able to handle flows as high as 100 gallons per minute and store hundreds of pounds of grease before they need to be emptied. These durable units can be installed in many configurations, making them more flexible than traditional concrete traps.

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  • Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease removal systems have been used in thousands of commercial kitchens and food service establishments around the world. We have the parts and add-on components to maintain, enhance, and expand your grease removal systems. 



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