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Sample Ordinance

Sample Ordinance

Pretreatment is required in many jurisdictions and is a must if a facility operates its owns wastewater treatment system.

Pretreatment protects wastewater lines, lift stations and other sewer system components from build-up and blockages caused by accumulated grease. Grease can also burden treatment plants — reducing their efficiency, increasing maintenance costs and shortening the operational lifespan.

Effective pretreatment ordinances ensure that food service establishments and food processing plants have pretreatment systems in place, but leave it up to individual operators to determine the best kind of pretreatment system.

 A coffee shop, after all, will have different needs than a university dining hall, and those in turn will be different than a food processing plant.

Thermaco offers a model pretreatment ordinance to help local regulators implement effective regulations:

Download Sample FOG Ordinance

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