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About Thermaco

Thermaco, Inc.® is regarded as the leading separation technology company in the highly specialized field of oil and grease extraction from wastewater. Our reputation for developing quality removal systems was established when the first line of Big Dipper products became recognized for their exceptional reliability and effectiveness under a variety of applications.

Clearly the Best Solution...

Thermaco, Inc.'s success in meeting the needs of the solid separation market is based on total commitment to three important areas: product innovation, product reliability, and customer satisfaction. Without this focus, efforts to keep pace with the increasing demands for wastewater quality and landfill safety that result from local community and federal environmental regulations would fall short. That is why Thermaco is dedicated to the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new ones. We listen and respond to customer needs, never compromising on the quality of design and workman ship. 


Big Dipper Logo

 Thermaco's First Line of Innovative Separators

The Big Dipper systems were Thermaco, Inc.'s first line of oil and grease separators. Designed for easy field upgrading, Big Dipper units have an array of options that allow installlations to be customized to suit the conditions that are unique to your business.

With Big Dipper, you can reduce grease trap pumping costs, avoid sewer surcharges and fines, prevent septic field failure, comply with EPA landfill bans for liquid wastes, negate the need for in-ground separators and traps, and eliminate grease-clogged drains.

Big Dipper systems are ideal for any operation facility that requires removal of grease and oil from wastewater. Such facilities can experience a variety of problems associated with an outdated solid separation process. If unattended, these problems can blossom into significant barriers that hinder routine business operations and create ongoing and unwanted costs. In such cases, expenses can be significantly reduced with a Big Dipper system.

Over the years, Big Dipper improved the capabilities of its small-to medium-sized systems while developing larger and more sophisticated central grease and solids separation systems. The result was the revolutionary Big Dipper Automatic Solid Transfer series. This creation negated the drudgery of handling effluent solids and improved the operational efficiency of grease separation.

Feedback from customers has led to other breakthroughs in pretreatment systems.


Trapzilla Logo

The Compact, Supercapacity Grease Interceptor

Research into ways to more effectively separate and retain grease led to the development of Trapzilla.  While originally designed for space constrained sites, Trapzilla has shown itself to be more than capable of handling high grease producing sites, while retaining more grease per volume than any other interceptor on the market today.

Product Reliability...

With the flagship Big Dipper line, the separation industry soon acknowledged the Big Dipper name for overall reliability and effectiveness in pretreatment of wastewater. All systems are universally recognized for their heavy stainless steel construction, and admired for a peerless history of enduring service and very low maintenance. In fact, of the more than 30,000 Big Dipper systems installed throughout the world in the past three decades, a large proportion are still in operation, providing efficient service day in and day out.

Customer Satisfaction...

Customer service is the cornerstone of Thermaco's formula for success. Our management teams and field sales representatives always are available to talk to customers about special problems. That's because we recognize that feedback from this interaction often can lead to improvements in our product line. More importantly, we believe that it distinguishes Thermaco from other competitors.

Our drive to be the best is demonstrated again and again through the evolution of better products and continual refinement of superior methods. That is why your relationship with Thermaco never ends with the sale.