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Applying for a Variance

Installing Alternative Interceptors

For food service establishments being asked to install large, expensive to install systems that will cause undue financial burden, some districts permit that establishment to apply for a variance allowing them to install an alternative to the prescribed product.  Check with your pretreatment coordinator or plumbing inspector to see if they have an application that may be filled out to request the use of a Thermaco product in place of a gravity grease interceptor.

Our Big Dipper Automatic Grease Removal Systems and Trapzilla Grease Interceptors are often used in these instances due to their compact size, high efficiency, and lower cost of installation.

If you need assistance applying for a variance to use one of our products, fill out our Grease Interceptor Sizing Tool or Proposal Request Form and one of our sizing experts will help you determine the right sized product and provide the documents required to turn in to municipal planning review or pretreatment official.

Thermaco Grease Interceptor Sizing Tool

Please contact us online or call Thermaco directly at 800-633-4204 for additional assistance.