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Architectural and Engineering Plans for Commercial Kitchens

“Where are we going to put the grease trap?”

There's a lot of equipment that needs to go into commercial kitchens: ranges, mixers, sinks, food storage and more. Plus, sufficient space must be provided for cooks and kitchen staff to work. Even with these space constraints, the kitchen must comply with safety and environmental regulations, all while making sure that fats, oil and grease (FOG) in kitchen wastewater do not reach the sewer system.

New to FOG? Check out our Primer on Commercial Kitchen FOG Waste.

And more often than not, kitchen designers are being asked to do more with less space, or do more with space that was not originally built to house commercial food service facilities.

Don't let the grease stop you

For more than 33 years, Thermaco has been designing and manufacturing innovative grease traps and grease interceptors that work better, last longer and can go places where traditional concrete traps simply will not fit.

Design the kitchen you want to design

Trapzilla and Big Dipper install

Our Big Dipper is designed to remove grease from wastewater at the source. It can sit unobtrusively underneath or next to a commercial sink.

Big Dipper has helped thousands of restaurants around the world open with minimal site impact.

The super capacity, high efficiency Trapzilla line has a variety of installation options. It can go indoors or out, between floors or in the basement — whatever works.

See how Trapzilla's compact design has helped Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens comply in non-traditional sites.

And we have a full range of accessories and add-ons to solve whatever design problems you may be facing.


Below you'll find links to key technical documents, including specifications and CAD drawings (DWG files) for our Thermaco and Trapzilla lines. If you have engineering questions related to the Thermaco system, please contact us. Our systems are installed in thousands of food service establishments around the world and we're happy to provide you with any additional information and technical assistance you need.