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Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Grease Traps

Take the hassle out of grease traps

As an owner, operator or manager of a commercial kitchen or restaurant, there are some tough realities you have to face:

  • There will always be some fats, oil and grease in your kitchen wastewater.
  • You'll never be able to simply flush that grease into the sewers. (In fact, those regulations might get more stringent in coming years.)
  • You need to keep your focus on your food and your customers — not managing grease.

So what's the solution?

Traditional concrete grease traps, which haven't changed much in decades, corrode and sometimes fail after a few years of use. Plus, they require quite a bit of extra space, which you may not have. Plus, nobody likes cleaning out a grease trap, so whether you have a contractor do it or an employee, you need something that's easy to manage.

That's where Thermaco products come in. For more than a quarter century, we've been designing and manufacturing innovative grease traps and grease interceptors. Our products are durable and have been used in thousands of commercial kitchens under all kinds of conditions.

Whether you need a grease trap for a tight location or simply want a grease interceptor with a better return on investment, we can help.




Choosing the right grease trap for your commercial kitchen can be overwhelming

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Additional Resources

We recognize that choosing the best grease interceptor solution for your commercial kitchen can be a complex decision with compliance, financial, technical and operational considerations all coming into play. Below you will find a comprehensive list of resources relating to the installation and operation of Big Dipper and Trapzilla systems. Please contact us if you're looking for something you don't find here.