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FOG Pretreatment Ordinances

Better grease traps and grease interceptors

You know the problems fats, oil and grease create when they're discharged into sewer systems: clogged lines, back-ups, overloaded treatment plants and more.

You also know that commercial kitchens — in restaurants, institutional cafeterias, hotels and other settings — all should have properly installed and maintained grease traps.

Thermaco has been making designing and manufacturing innovative grease interceptors, grease traps and related products for more than 25 years. Our products have stood the test of time in real-world conditions in thousands of commercial kitchens. They've also withstood laboratory tests, meeting ASME standards (actually, exceeding ASME standards), and they've been permitted and approved by regulators and standards bodies around the world.

Though traditional concrete grease traps work, they're not very durable, not very efficient and simply can't be installed in many locations. Our Big Dipper automatic grease trap and high-efficiency Trapzilla supercapacity grease traps are designed to overcome these problems.

They can be installed in commercial kitchens of all kinds, in a wide variety of building settings. They're durable, and can be cleaned and maintained by kitchen staff or contractors.

If you have any questions about how our products should be installed in a commercial setting, please contact us. We are happy to provide technical specifications, answer questions about sizing and installation, and provide you any information you need if you encounter Thermaco devices or are seeking a solution to recommend to a food service establishment.


Thermaco's Trapzilla and Big Dipper systems have been installed in thousands of facilities around the world, successfully keeping grease out of sanitary sewer systems. Below are links to compliance and technical documents. If you are reviewing a potential Big Dipper or Trapzilla system installation and need additional information for permitting, please contact us.