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Trapzilla Products

Originally designed provide efficient separation of grease and solids in space-constrained sites, Trapzilla has proven time and time again that it is the perfect alternative to traditional grease separation techology.  Find out more about the various products available under the Trapzilla brand.

Trapzilla TZ-600 Models

Trapzilla Grease Interceptors

Trapzilla was designed to efficiently handle the separation of fats, oils, and grease without taking up as much space as a traditional concrete inteceptor. Its compact design allows it to fit into locations that larger interceptors cannot while still providing protection to the municipal sewers. It has been installed in thousands of sites around the world.

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Trapzilla Solids Separators

Trapzilla Solids Separator TSS-95 Models

Trapzilla solids separators can be used in conjuction with Trapzilla Grease Interceptors, prior to Thermaco’s Big Dipper Automatic Grease Removal Devices, or in isolated situations where there is a need for large quantities of solids to be removed from kitchen wastewater.

Most grease interceptors are capable of effectively removing sufficient fats, oils, and grease from kitchen effluent, but struggle to handle solids with the same efficiency. In situations where large quanitites of solids are going down the kitchen drains, it is in the best interest of a food service establishment to install a Trapzilla Solids Separator. Doing so will prevent solids from filling up the grease interceptor and interfering with its regular operation. 

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Foot Traffic Cover Assembly Lid

Installation Options

Its light weight and compact design enables Trapzilla to be installed in places where standard grease interceptors would not fit or could not be accommodated. Trapzilla Options, including additional extension collars,  hanging asseblies,  and more durable lids allow a variety of space saving, code friendly, creative installations. 

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Additional Product Information

Trapzilla Brochure

Trapzilla Specifications and Drawings

Looking for specific documentation on Trapzilla Products?  Check out these additional pages to find out how Trapzilla works, how to install and utilize a Trapzilla in conjuction with your kitchen, see approvals and ways it can be implemented in your municipality's pretreatment plan, or to see specifications and drawings to include in building plans.