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Trapzilla in Action

The following videos feature Trapzilla's capacity to outperform traditional methods of grease separation and retention thanks to its patented design.  Beginning with the Award Winning* 2012 short, "Trapzilla Saves the City," our hero overcomes a serious grease problem in the city of Pipopolis.  It's unique ability to retain large amounts of grease in a small footprint makes it the optimal solution for space-constrained cities that want to have additional protection compared to outdated grease trap technologies.


In the followup video, Trapzilla tackles a problem at a local restaurant involving oversized grease interceptors which are prone to cause low pH and result in the early breakdown of concrete and steel interceptors.


* "Trapzilla Saves the City" won two 2012 Communicator Awards of Excellence for "Video - Use of Animation" and "Film/Video - Sales" and two 2012 Bronze Telly Awards for "Non-Broadcase - Sales" and "Non-Broadcase - Animation"