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How Trapzilla Interceptors Work

Trapzilla grease traps are plumbed in line with kitchen wastewater lines, so that the Trapzilla is the last fixture before effluent exits a commercial kitchen and is discharged into the local sewer system.

Trapzilla traps operate by taking advantage of the natural characteristics of oil and water.

As kitchen effluent — water mixed with fats, oil, grease and other contaminants — flows in one side of the Trapzilla trap, baffles guide the water down toward the bottom of the trap. Oils and fats, because they are less dense than water, float to the top and the grease and water separate.

The grease-free water then rises through baffles and flows out the other side, having been separated from the grease. The water exits into the sanitary sewer line.

Over time, the layer of grease becomes deeper as the Trapzilla fills. Its high efficiency design, though, means it can fill upwards of 90 percent of its total volume in grease before it needs to be emptied. On a per cubic inch basis, the TZ-1826-ECA has the most grease capacity of any grease interceptor in the world, as it can hold more than 1,826 pounds fats and oils before it needs to be emptied, the equivalent of a 1000-gallon concrete interceptor.


Trapzilla Operational Video



Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Cutaway

Trapzilla Cutaway Operational Explanation

Trapzilla Solids Separator Cutaway

Trapzilla Solids Separators (TSS) utilize the same space-efficient design found in the Trapzilla Grease Interceptors to store large quantities of solids from foodservice establishments.  The Solids Separator removes heavier solids from the effluent allowing the bulk of the grease to be handled by the interceptor that follows it.  Ideal for FSE's passing larger quantities of solids down the drain or facilities which utilize food grinders.

Trapzilla Solids Separator Cutaway Operational Instructions

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