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Trapzilla Maximum Retention Grease Interceptor Advantages

Trapzilla grease traps have a number of advantages over traditional concrete traps.

Trapzilla Holds up to 85 percent of volume in grease

High Retention Capacity

Though compact in size, Trapzilla traps have a very high capacity. They can store more than 85 percent of their volume in grease, much higher than the 25 percent that concrete traps can handle. For example, the TZ-1826 can hold 1,826 pounds (828 Kg) of fats, oil and grease.  That exceeds the ASME required capacity by 913% and rivals the capacity of a 1000-gallon Gravity Grease Interceptor!  Why not choose the grease interceptor that offers more protection from passing on grease to the sewer collection system?

See the test that proved a TZ-1826 can hold that much grease! 


Highly Efficient

Unlike traditional concrete traps, Trapzilla traps maintain the same high level of efficiency (above 90 percent) even as it fills up with grease. This means there is no danger of commercial kitchen accidentally falling out of compliance just because its grease trap is starting to get full.  From day one until the day it is full, it continues to operate efficiently separating and retaining grease, protecting your facility from fines and costly blockages.


Durable Construction

Trapzilla grease interceptors are constructed of durable polyethylene. This means it is more resistant to acids and biological contents than traditional concrete interceptors and steel grease traps and will last longer in real world conditions.  


Flexible Installation Options

TZ-600-ECA Installed outside Kitchen

Trapzilla interceptors can be installed in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Buried in the ground
  • Embedded in the floor of the kitchen
  • Sitting on the floor in basement or mechanical room
  • Between floors and ceiling in interstitial space

In addition, for commercial kitchens producing very high volumes of grease, multiple Trapzailla units can be plumbed in parallel to provide even more grease trap capacity.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

When you consider the separation and retention efficiency found in Trapzilla's durable, compact design, it is easy to see why Trapzilla has such a low Total Cost of Ownership.  While other interceptors fail over time, and still others fail to protect you from blockages, fines, and costly downtime, Trapzilla will keep working to keep you in compliance so you can focus on what you really love.


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