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Maintenance & Service

Big Dipper Maintenance and Service Documentation

Like many other kitchen appliances, Big Dippers require regular maintenance to acheive optimal performance and efficiency.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals

W-250-AST / W-750-AST / W-1250-AST

Automatic Solids Transfer (AST) Line Manual

W-200-IS / W-250-IS / W-350-IS / W-500-IS

Internal Strainer (IS) Point Source Grease Removal Line Manual

W-750-IS / W-1000-IS

Internal Strainer (IS) Central Grease Removal Line Manual

Have an older Big Dipper with mechanical timer or side motor design?  Visit our parts store to find replacement parts, or contact us for additional information.

IS Daily Maintenance


IS Weekly Maintenance


IS Quarterly Maintenance

To see AST Maintenance Instructions and videos on maintenance for previous versions of Big Dipper grease interceptors, visit our Videos page