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Installation and Setup

Big Dipper Installation Documentation

Installation of a Big Dipper system should always be done by a properly trained and licensed plumber. Below are installation resources for plumbers and other technical professionals.

Ideally, Big Dippers are installed as close as possible to the fixtures which they are serving while allowing sufficient space for daily service.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals

W-250-AST Automatic Solids Transfer

Automatic Solids Transfer Models

Automatic Solids Transfer (AST) Line Manual




Advanced Odor Protection Big Dipper

Advanced Odor Protection models

Internal Strainer (IS) Point Source Grease Removal Line Manual

Internal Strainer (IS) Central Grease Removal Line Manual


Unsure about which Big Dipper to use?  Compare our different lines of products here.


Reversing Unit Direction

Reversing the flow of a Big Dipper is easy.  There is no need to purchase a unit specifically designed for a certain directional flow as the Skimming Assembly and Grease Collector can simply be turned 180 degrees to meet the plumbing flow and allow for easy maintenance.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is.


How to Setup Big Dipper with Advanced Odor Protection

The user interface on new Big Dipper models is simple to use.  Simply follow instructions on the video below to set up your automatic grease removal device for optimal skim-times based on your facility's grease production.