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Setup and Operation

How do I choose a setting for my Big Dipper?



How does a Big Dipper Work?

Big Dippers automatic grease removal devices have internal tanks certified to separate and retain grease just like other hydromechanical grease interceptors,
but also have skimming assemblies which isolate the retained grease into a collector allowing for easy daily maintenance without another company to clean it.

Does your Big Dipper look different than the one below?  Check out additional instructions for older models here

1. Solids are trapped in the Internal Strainer Basket

 Strainer Basket Big Dipper


2. Grease flows through the strainer basket into the primary tank

 Grease flows into Big Dipper


3. Grease rises to the top of the liquid contents of the tank

 Grease Rises in Big Dipper Tank


4. Skimming Wheel activates based on skim-setting chosen.

Grease sticks to the sides of the Skimming Wheel

 Skimming Wheel Big Dipper


5. Wiper Assembly scrapes grease from sides of Skimming Wheel 

Grease runs into the collector on the front of the Big Dipper

 Wheel Wiper Assembly Scraping Grease Big Dipper


6. Empty Contents of Grease Collector Daily or more often as needed

Empty into a rendering barrel provided by recycling company or dispose in trash as food waste

 Empty Grease Collector Strainer Basket Big Dipper


7. To remove Grease Collector, turn counter-clockwise

 Rotate Grease Collector on Big Dipper


8. Pull Grease Collector straight away from the tank

 Pull Grease Collector off Big Dipper


9. To access strainer basket, lift wing lid on inlet side of unit and lift out

Dispose of contents in trash and rinse out if necessary

 Access Strainer Basket Big Dipper