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About Big Dipper

A Legacy of Innovation

Big Dipper W-200-IS

For more than 30 years, Thermaco has been manufacturing the Big Dipper Automatic Grease Removal Device here in the United States.  Although it looks and operates differently than it did in 1985, it continues to be the most well known and respected name in grease separation today.  More than 30,000 units have been installed on all seven continents, many of which continue to operate efficiently today, protecting food service establishments and municipal sewer collection systems.

Solving Pretreatment Issues

Big Dipper units offer an easy to install, cost-effective alternative to large gravity grease interceptors while offering more protection than traditional under-the-sink passive traps.  This is why space-constrained sites in the United States and around the world trust these products to remove grease and oils from kitchen wastewater each and every day.  

Saving Customers Money

The Big Dipper's installed cost is far less than a traditional interceptor, but it is in the long run where it truly provides value.  No longer are expensive monthly or quarterly pumpouts required as grease is automatically 

isolated in the collection container and may be disposed of in a municipally approved container.

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